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Digital Offset Printing

Our digital offset printers provide greater customization of ink colors, paper type and advanced finishing services. Optimized to be efficient at high volumes for a variety of job types, digital offset printing produces beautifully printed brochures, flyers, reports, postcards, and more. Our offset printers give you flexibility for monochromatic, duotone, or full color press runs.

What's the difference between digital print and digital offset printing? Digital print transfers an image directly to paper via toner or liquid inks, making colors on a digital print image easier to adjust and proof. Digital offset printing requires more initial setup and is cost effective for quantities greater than 250. This process uses a plate to transfer the image to a rubber roller, which then is used to transfer ink to the paper. An offset printer reproduces color in Pantone (PMS) and CYMK colors specifically.

When Should I Use Digital Print?

Use digital print when you need:

  • A quick turnaround
  • A quantity less than 200
  • A quick proof
  • Prints on smaller paper sizes and standard stock
  • Printing without a laser printer
  • Printing with variable data

When Should I Use Digital Offset?

Use digital offset when you need:

  • A large quantity job
  • Specific CMYK or Pantone (PMS) colors
  • Prints to go back through a laser printer or be written on with pen ink or pencil
  • Larger paper sizes or specialty stock types

See our FAQ section for more information on digital and offset printing.


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